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Meet our Founder

Revolutionizing accessible gourmet meals

After recognizing an unfilled gap in the meal delivery space, Samuel Wrobel was inspired to make a difference. From there, he leveraged his experience as a French entrepreneur and the owner of Shiloh's in LA to found Dailycious. Through his journey, Samuel partnered with a renowned French chef, expanded to a 10,000-square-foot kitchen in North Hollywood, and began offering ready-made gourmet meals to workplaces; designed to accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions. As workplaces continue to evolve, Samuel and the Dailycious team are committed to nourishing and connecting teams nationwide with a new approach to office lunchtime.

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Meet our Chef

Reimagining the way meals are served

At an early age Corinthia Gutierrez started working as a server in a family owned kitchen being introduced to the world of food. At 18, she got a job at a bakery where she started learning more about the culture of the kitchen.

At P.F. Changs, she embarked on her first 'real' job on the kitchen line, immersing herself in a setting where everything was made from scratch and meticulously perfected. Here, she developed essential knife skills, honed her preparation techniques, and mastered various cooking tactics, including the art of the Wok technique, which eventually propelled her to assume her first kitchen management position behind the counter.Her love for cooking quickly grew from this experience into a passion that would last a lifetime. Here at Dailycious, Corinthia incorporates different cultures into the creativity aspects of every meal she creates, ultimately enjoying the drive by the creative process provides the foundation for an excellent and unique dish.

Our Journey So Far


Dailycious is Founded

Dailycious was founded with a vision to make healthy and delicious food available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Our team of experts worked tirelessly to create the perfect menu, packaging and protocols to ensure an experience that could deliver gourmet meals in under 3 minutes.


Sold 1M+ meals to date, more than 10+ locations and quickly growing. Innovating gourmet meals that exceed consumer expectations and beyond.

Chefs Discussing over Food
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